Leg 15 Part 6 - Gili Lawa Laut to Medang, Indonesia
By: Geoff On: 26/12/2013 16:01:10 In: SPENT
3rd & 4th October 2013
Thursday 3rd October 2013
We slept in the cockpit again and I woke around 05:15 to a beautiful approaching dawn with  a slice of the moon still bright in the sky as the orange sunrise crept over the horizon.
We had the engine on and anchor weighed by 07:30 and on our way to Medang.
At 15:00 Pandemonium motored straight passed us , just after we had seen Perl of Persia at anchor in Wera. We past close by yet another fishing raft, this one looked to be just a couple of wooden barrels lashed together with a palm frond instead of a flag and definitely no light! There was a booby resting on each barrel as we went past. We pushed on as best we could in the light winds but by 19:00 we had the engine on for a couple of hours, it going off again at 21:40 and back to full main and genoa.
Friday 4th October 2013
It had been a long night with very slow progress in the light airs.     
The final few miles into Medang we painfully slow but we eventually anchored in 7 meters of crystal clear water by midday. We had a dip, off the stern of the boat, in warm water that was extremely refreshing and although warm, it cooled our bodies as we laid drying in the cockpit, where we slept for a couple of hours. This was planned purely as a day stop rest before pushing on with the next overnight leg to Gili Air where we wanted to arrive close to midday and get anchored, have a night out and a good sleep before pushing on to Bali. We had a meal of Spaghetti Bolognese just after 16:00 and were clearing away as Pearl of Persia arrived and anchored next to us.
By 17:30 we were weighing anchor to gingerly weave our way out of the reefs in daylight to commence our next leg to Gili Aer.